Am I a Bad Person?

At the end of my undergrad, I was so broke I had to proofread project write-ups, do mechanical design for my coursemates, and type lab reports just to eat and survive. Heck, I even worked part-time at a business center in the school market?.

I can remember vividly how I was unable to print the complete 15 copies of my project during our project defense and had to go in with only 10 (even though I was very stingy with words).

I was very good at Catia design, which was the software we used to design parts and so I did the project design for plenty of people.

The sad part is, that many of those people refused to pay me for my work and I STILL can’t forget about it. Every time I see or heard of any of those people I remember how they withheld what was mine in my moment of need and I still can not hold back the resentment I feel for them.

Yeah, yeah I know letting go and forgiving will lessen the burden I carry ? But why should I?

Am I a bad person for refusing to associate with people that had cheated me out of my hard-earned money when I was in dire need of it?

I don’t mind being a bad person at all because actions have consequences and if you hit me while I’m down, I will never forget you when I’m back up.

✌? #Peace