Appreciating The Skills I unintentionally learnt

I recently moved into a new apartment and had to do some fixes, installations, and paintings.

I’m in a new city with barely any friends and relatives and would have had a hard time finding a handyman that will do these simple jobs for me. But I did them all myself.

Why am I sharing this with you? It’s to appreciate the two Nasirs in my life that influenced this.

The first Nasir is my dad ? I used to see him as a workaholic that prefers to do almost everything by himself. He can weld, build, paint, fix electronics, make chairs and do general woodwork, and almost everything.

I always thought “Why not just pay someone to do this for you?” Seeing as he could easily afford to but now I get it. Being versatile in many areas gives you an edge and makes you immune to being swindled by the handymen of those crafts. It’s also another way of exercising your creative mind and making something yourself.

I’m happy I was made to participate in building stuff that was “boring and menial” at the time but are life lessons now.

The second Nasir is my undergrad colleague Nasir Zubair. Baba Nas as I used to call him then is a true genius. he might not have been an excellent student in our set but by all measures, he IS the most creative. His room is full of little inventions he did to make his life easier, from remote-controlled lights to retracting study tables and so on.

He took me with him when he did his contracts on electrifications and I learned helluva lots.

Although we are almost always arguing whenever we are together but that also highlights our unique relationship as diverse individuals.

I am grateful for the person I have become by learning from both of them and I encourage you to learn from whoever is close to you now because you never know when sewing (could be photography, baking, swimming, etc.) will be valuable life skill.

Gracias ??