Where do Geckoes Live? ?

So it rained yesterday, heavily I might add and I couldn’t stop thinking about this little gecko that I usually see in the night when I am close to my little garden. The garden is no longer little but that’s story for another day.

In the morning I was sweeping the excess rain that was lying around in my compound and it struck me, where does my gecko live? I am not a fan of animals or anything that has a brain and NOT human. But in recent days I have grown close to this gecko that sees me and run away. Most times he might be trying to play hide and seek with me and my stupid self wasn’t aware of all that.

I am thinking of naming him Ringo because I like the ring of it and… who doesn’t like Ringo? I know it sounds very weird to have a gecko as your first pet but anyone that knows me knows that weird doesn’t even begin to define me.

Ringo’s Birthday

I have been thinking, if I named Ringo, Ringo then I might as well give him a birth date so we can all celebrate his birthday next year and eat some cakes. As the self-assigned father and caretaker of Ringo I hereby declare June 11th as his birthday and will henceforth be celebrated by all members of the Ibrahim family.