I am a WordPresser which basically means I’m obsessed with anything WordPress. I work, build websites and blog with it. WordPress gave me my first solid job so I am grateful for what I have learned and my progress so far.

I work with Proper Fraction as a Support Engineer on MailOptin and ProfilePress. My job is to help our customers use the products seamlessly while providing assistance on the right plan to purchase and the proper ways to setup the various features we offer.

I read A LOT, I average 5 books a month and mostly novels. I gobble anything about epic fantasy and fiction. If I like an author’s style of writing I make sure I read all and everything that author wrote including novellas and articles.

My current favorite author is Sarah J Maas whose books were introduced to me by my dear friend Sala in 2020 and my love for Sara’s work just grew from then on.

I am an Ambivert. My mind can adapt to any social situation and play the part. But don’t push me, when I am alone at home I hardly pick calls or respond to messages. Not out of spite mind you, but because I really, really love being alone and UNDISTURBED.

I have wrote enough for today, I will update this page as I see fit.

Ciao!! πŸ‘‹πŸΎ