Finally……… Love ?

Love, they say, is a beautiful thing ❤️ Love is also an elusive feeling that is rarely found. It is the zing that comes in fleeting moments but the joy and wonderous feeling it puts us in is worth the wait.

Ever since I met you, I have redefined what love means to me multiple times. I have seen the world from a different view and understood the joy of having a wholesome, loving experience. My days are spent thinking of you at irregular intervals and my nights are filled with dreams of us, together, forever.

My love for you is not blind, because I have seen and acknowledged your flaws. I have identified your faults and shortcomings. I have also realized that no one is 100% perfect. I am ready to take you as you are and together we might become whole (duh! ?)

I might not be the best option but I assure you I am the right one. I will love you fiercely and protect you even from yourself. I will cherish our memorable moments and be quick to forget our misunderstandings.

Cooking and cleaning will be added to the husband package when you join me on this journey through life. You will find me interesting and pleasurable in the most curious and tantalizing ways.

I will be your cook, entertainer, engineer, cleaner, nanny, errand boy, confidante, best friend, masseuse, gossip partner, bag holder, and above all, I will be your husband. I will be the puzzle piece that completes you and the brilliant business partner that will help you make money.

My money will be spent on you and yours and your money on us ?? I will try my best to be the answer to your prayers and make all your dreams and fantasies come true.

This journey is not going to be easy, our resolves will be tested and we might feel like giving up. But I will be strong for you as I expect you to be strong for me. We will lean on each other and shoulder on in this adventure called life.

NB: This page will be updated with new lines so keep checking ?